Lead Practitioner Responsibilities and Support

Lead Practitioner Responsibilities and Support

Early HelpWhen you are identified as a Lead Practitioner you will act as the single point of contact when an integrated response is required.

When you are identified as a Lead Practitioner, your role is to take the lead to co-ordinate provision for a child and their family. You will act as the single point of contact when an integrated response is required and a range of services are involved with that child or family.

The Lead Practitioner is not a job title or a new role, but a set of functions to be carried out as part of the delivery of effective integrated support – with assistance from an Early Help Coordinator.

These functions are to:

  • Act as a single point of contact for the child or family, who they can trust and who can engage them in making choices, navigating their way through the system and effecting change.
  • Co-ordinate the delivery of the actions agreed by the practitioners involved with the family to ensure that children receive effective support which is regularly reviewed.
  • Reduce overlap and inconsistency in the services received.

Support package for Lead Practitioners

For full support and information, advice and guidance, download the Early Help Handbook in the downloads and resources area of this page.

When you are identified as a Lead Practitioner, an Early Help Coordinator, based in the Family Hubs around Doncaster, will be available to support you.

Early Help Coordinators

Each locality has two or more Early Help Coordinators, who champion Early Help. Their main function is to champion Early Help and to improve confidence and skills of staff across agencies and services to embed the Early Help arrangements through quality local delivery.

They can support you with:

  • Supporting professionals taking on the role of lead practitioner.
  • Supporting professionals undertaking an Early Help Assessment.
  • Supporting professionals with arranging a TAC/F. 
  • Support with any EHM online recording issues. 


Lead Practitioner support sessions take place across the four areas weekly in a range of venues. To book on, please contact your Early Help Coordinator.

Early Help Coordinator Duty phone and email lines: 

Telephone: 01302 736250

Email: earlyhelpcoordinator@doncaster.gov.uk 


The Early Help Coordinators provide training on: 

  • Introduction to Early Help and Thresholds 
  • Early Help for Advanced Practitioners 
  • The role of the lead practitioner 
  • Outcome plans and closures 
  • Early Help supervision 


To book on to one of the above training sessions visit  www.buy.doncaster.gov.uk 


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